Car Mechanic

Investing in your Oral Health

As we get older, a lot of time and energy is spent thinking about investing. Whether it is in the stock market, in a home or in a business, people want to put their money to work for them and get a return.

In some situations, investing refers to the practice of regular maintenance to prevent larger problems in the long run. For example, it is important to make sure your car gets regular oil changes and tire rotations to help keep it running smoothly. Your mechanic may also run some diagnostic reports to let you know if something is starting to fail or not working properly. It’s often annoying to spend the time and money on these maintenance appointments however if you don’t do it, you know there will be more costly problems that could happen down the road.

Healthcare, including dentistry, is similar to taking care of your car. Regular, preventative appointments are encouraged to keep your body healthy and identify anything that is not working as it should. For example, a Dermatologist will tell you it is important to have your skin checked regularly to make sure it is healthy and to also identify any areas that could be cancerous. If something does appear cancerous, then you are hopefully catching it early and taking care of it before it spreads.

In dentistry, this means having cleanings and exams twice a year, in addition to periodic x-rays to help identify any concerns that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This way if a tooth has a cavity and needs a filling, the goal is to identify it early and take care of it before it becomes so large that it needs a crown, root canal, or worse—needs to be extracted.

So the next time you put off your regular dental appointment, we urge you to reconsider. You need to think of it as making an investment in your oral health. And if the dentist recommends treatment, before you reject it because of the cost, take the time to ask questions about what could happen if you do nothing. Often when you realize the dental work that may be needed down the road (and the expense), you may be more willing to make that investment now.