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What services does Willow Creek Dental provide?

The real question is what services does Willow Creek Dental not provide? The answer is not many! As Willow Creek Way dentists, Drs. Mary Blakeley, Elizabeth Trepka, Zhu, and Eugene Lui have three specialists on their team and partner with them to get you the care you need.

Need implants? Full mouth restoration? Full teeth replacement? No problem. Willow Creek Dental can provide you one treatment plan and seamless experience along with financing to get it all done.

Specific Services Including Specialists

General Restorative – Crowns, bridges and fillings

The most common dental procedures involve the removal of decay and replacing the tooth structure with a material that is going to last. Tooth decay is an infection eating away at the tooth structure. By visiting Drs. Blakeley, Trepka, Zhu and Lui regularly and removing decay early, patients not only reduce long term dental expenses but keep their teeth longer. Our doctors use high-quality filling material and crowns to replace the decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our doctors have been restoring smiles in Lone Tree for over two decades. They use the highest quality materials to give their patients a smile they feel good about showing off.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

As a person ages, their teeth can become worn down from decay, use, grinding and malocclusion. If caught early enough, full mouth reconstruction can be completed to restore a beautiful smile and increase the longevity of natural teeth.

Dental Implants including full teeth replacement

Missing teeth can damage surrounding teeth and bone structure. Dental implants provide a cost-effective long-term tooth replacement option. Drs. Blakeley, Trepka, Zhu, and Liu work directly with their oral surgeon, Dr. Haeman Noori, to provide their patients with a full range of implant options including replacing all teeth with implants.
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Some of our patients with fear or anxiety choose nitrous oxide or a prescribed medication to help them relax during the procedure. Other patients, however, prefer to be asleep during their procedure to calm their anxiety. For those patients, we offer IV sedation. Administered in our office by a Certified Nurse Anesthetist, patients with IV sedation are closely monitored during the entire procedure.

Orthodontics and Invisalign®

There are many consequences to teeth that are misaligned including premature wear. Teeth that don’t come together properly have a similar consequence to tires that are out of alignment. One area of the mouth will wear faster causing teeth to breakdown. This can be prevented by straightening the teeth to an optimal bite.
Drs. Blakeley, Trepka, Zhu, and Lui work with their orthodontist, Dr. Amanda Shaffner-Vanderstelt, to provide her patients the option of both traditional braces and Invisalign®.

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Root Canals

A tooth can become infected for a variety of reasons, including decay and trauma. When a tooth becomes infected a root canal is performed to clear the infection and increase the long term viability of the tooth. Our team works with our endodontist, Dr. Brian Minavi to provide our patients root canals.