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The fear of the dentist is something that’s been depicted in film and television shows for many years. However, dental anxiety is not only portrayed for laughs and giggles, it’s a real fear. Approximately 8% of Americans avoid the dentist because they’re afraid.

But have you ever asked yourself,” Why are people afraid of the dentist”? If so, we’ll delve into some of the causes of dental fear and how to overcome it. Below are some of the most common reasons:

1. Pain

Many people don’t like going to the dentist because of their fear of pain. Although the discomfort of a dental procedure is minor, for some people it’s a big deal. It’s similar to how certain individuals are afraid of needles and are terrified of getting a shot.

Some people may also carry the memory of a painful dental experience. For instance, if an adult had a bad encounter when they were younger, they may still carry that memory with them, even though their pain tolerance is more mature.

Just the thought of an unpleasant experience causes dental anxiety.

2. Dental Equipment

Some people have a fear of dental work. They dislike dental equipment and become uneasy at the thought of sharp objects, metal, and drills.

Everyone has different phobias, and for some individuals, anything that’s sharp and cold scares them. Dental fear is primarily mental. For most individuals, their fear of the dentist is based on a perception and not a reality.

3. Loss of Control

Another reason why people have dental anxiety is because they feel vulnerable. Being reclined back into a chair makes them feel out of control and tense.

Most likely, individuals who have an issue with this aspect of a dentist’s appointment are usually scared in other circumstances where they feel vulnerable as well.

4. Bad Information

For a lot of people with dentophobia, their fear is simply due to the bad things that they have heard. Maybe someone they know had a procedure go wrong or they heard other horror stories about the dentist.

For those who have not gone to the dentist because of their fears, it’s sometimes due to word of mouth. Some folks don’t have the courage to experience a situation for themselves. They believe that if others around them have had a negative experience, they will too.

5. Breathing Problems

Breathing problems play a big role in why some people dislike the dentist. As you know, dentist visits usually require that a person breathes a little differently because they have to keep their mouth open during most of the appointment.

This can be unsettling for individuals who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues.

6. Weird Noises

Another trigger for dental fear is weird noises. For some people, the noise that occurs in a dentist’s office is unbearable.

There are individuals who hate the sound of drills or the clinging sounds of dental tools. For them, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

How to Ease Dental Anxiety

If your fears are genuine and you can’t get over that hurdle of dental anxiety, there are some things you can do to make it easier. Here are some suggestions:

Be Open About Your Fears

If you’re scared, be sure to express your dental fear to your dentist. By doing so, it allows them to be able to treat you carefully. If you’re feeling stressed during your appointment, many dentists will give patients something to ease the discomfort.

Also, if your pain tolerance is low, they may be willing to provide an anesthetic or gas to help calm your nerves.

Believe it or not, dental anxiety is common, so most dental professionals are trained to handle it. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re uncomfortable.

Bring a Distraction

Another option is to bring something to distract you during your appointment. Wearing headphones during your visit can help you focus on something else.

You can listen to your favorite artist or put on a serene playlist to give you an escape. If you’re not into music, another good option is to hold a stress ball.

It might be beneficial if you take your anxiety out on another object, and bringing something to squeeze or fidget with helps a lot.

Just Breathe

When you’re feeling anxious during a dentist appointment, it’s important to just breathe. Deep breathing will help you relax and feel less rigid.

Another good idea is to picture yourself in a relaxed place. It’ll put your mind at ease long enough to get you through your appointment.

Read Positive Reviews

Before you change your mind about going to your appointment, read positive reviews. It’ll help to put your mind at ease to realize that other people have had good experiences at the dentist’s office. Keep those things in mind as you go to your visit.

Understand the Importance of Going to the Dentist

The important thing to remember is that it’s essential to see the dentist. Whatever discomfort you might have, keep in mind that not going to the dentist can result in even bigger problems.

Issues like gum disease and other oral disorders can be quite uncomfortable. If you go to the dentist you can avoid having poor oral health.

Conquer Your Dental Fear Once and for All

If you want to make your dental fear a thing of the past, we can help. Here at Willow Creek Dental, we pride ourselves on taking care of all of our patients.

Plus, we offer a variety of dental services that’ll give you a beautiful smile.

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