What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root Canal Systems

Root canal treatment becomes necessary in the case of a severely infected tooth that is still salvageable, provided that the infection is eliminated. The principle goal of the procedure is to remove infected and dead tissues from inside the tooth, followed by the closing of the cavity – here are the steps involved:

  • The dentist administers injectable local anaesthesia and waits until the patient’s jaw becomes completely numb;
  • The dentist uses tiny drills and other tools to create an opening on the surface of the tooth and to go into the teeth deeper to reach the infected area;
  • The doctor uses small files to remove all the infected or dead tissue from inside the tooth, then irrigates the area to make sure the tooth is clean and infection-free;
  • The last step of the process is the filling – when the chamber created inside the tooth is clean and dry, the doctor will fill it in with special materials, then a temporary filling is applied to the surface to teeth;
  • The temporary filling stays on until the interior parts of the tooth heal completely, after which the tooth receives a permanent filling or, if it is too mall or too weak, it gets a crown. The Lone Tree dental staff are some of the best, when it comes to root canal procedures.