Making dentistry better

We have invested in the latest technology to give Willow Creek Dental patients the best possible experience and care. We believe this commitment to technology helps set us apart from other dental offices.

  • CEREC close upCEREC Same-Day Restorations—Our CEREC™ machines offer patients who need ceramic restorations (such as crowns) the convenience of a single visit. That means no temporary teeth, no uncomfortable impression trays and no having to come back two weeks later. Instead, the CEREC™ machines allow our team to take a digital impression of the tooth to create a precisely-designed, color-matched and highly durable restoration right in our office.
    • 3D Imaging—The GALILEOS Comfort Plus™ is a 3D Cone Beam CT (Computed Tomography) imaging unit. In contrast to traditional x-ray techniques, CT imaging provides clear images of the bone, soft tissue, muscle, airway and blood vessels to allow our doctors to look at a complete picture when planning for dental implants and treating patients for Obstructive Sleep Apnea or TMJ Disorder. Not found in most dental offices, the cone beam is a faster, more compact and safer version of a regular CT. It is typically completed in under one minute with the lowest effective dose for the best quality image.
  • Digital Impressions—Our Cadent iTero™ digital impression system allows our Invisalign™ and Somnodent™ patients to skip the messy, gag-inducing impressions. It takes a picture of each tooth and creates an exact digital impression, which we are then able to digitally submit to the lab for faster processing of  Invisalign™ aligners or Sleep Apnea appliances.

  • Pharyngometer—To help determine if a patient will be a candidate for Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment, we use a pharyngometer to measures the patient’s pharyngeal airway size and stability. By breathing into the device, it identifies the location and severity of airway obstructions. This can determine if a mandibular advancement appliance would be effective in treating OSA.

In addition, we have a panoramic x-ray machine, digital x-rays, and lasers for advanced periodontal therapy. For our patient comfort, we also offer free WiFi, massage chairs and the ability to watch a movie or listen to music during your procedure. Rest assured that we are investing in technology to help make your patient experience exceptional.