Dental Implant Types

At Willow Creek Dental, we offer single implants, multiple implants, or complete replacement of your teeth in a procedure known as All-On-Four implants.

single implant
Single Implant

Single implants offer a permanent solution for patients missing a tooth due to an accident or decay. The implant is placed into the jawbone and then a natural-looking, fully functional tooth is later attached.

The time frame for the implant healing process varies depending upon the individual, ranging from 3 – 6 months for the implant to fully fuse with the bone.

After the healing process, the replacement tooth is then attached to the implant. Dr. Mary Blakeley and Dr. Elizabeth Trepka will work closely with the lab to ensure the tooth looks natural and matches the color of the other teeth.


Multiple ImplantsMultiple Implants

Multiple implants involve a process where two implants are placed and the missing section of teeth are attached. There does not need to be an implant for each missing tooth, rather the two implants provide the necessary structure to support the replacement teeth.

As with a single implant, the healing time depends upon the individual and patients have the option to wear a removable retainer during this time so as not to be self-conscious while the implants heal. Once the implants have fully fused with the bone, the teeth are permanently attached.


All-on-4-implant-research1All-On-Four Implants

For patients interested in replacing all of their teeth or just one arch, we offer the All-On-Four procedure. Four implants are placed in the upper or lower arch of your mouth. The replacement teeth are then attached to these implants, giving you a set of fully-functional and natural-looking teeth. Unlike removable dentures, an All-On-Four dental implant allows for you to have permanent teeth and to eat normally.

As with multiple implants, you don’t need to have an implant placed for every tooth. Rather, the four implants placed per arch provide the structure necessary to support all of the replacement teeth.

The general process involves the immediate placement of the four dental implants (per arch). A temporary set of teeth are then affixed to the implants so you are able to leave that day with functional, non-removable teeth while the implants heal. During that time, your permanent teeth are custom made to achieve the cosmetic look you desire, including size, shape and color.


If you are looking for a permanent solution for your missing teeth, contact us today at 303-779-2797 to discuss if dental implants are right for you.