Metal-Free Fillings

Photo for TestimonialsDo you have metal tooth fillings in your mouth from past dental procedures? Do you think you might have a cavity and need a filling? Lucky for you, the days of noticeable metal fillings are gone. Cosmetic dentistry has advanced to the point where fillings can now be matched to the color of your teeth and thus be virtually invisible.

If you do have a cavity, composite teeth fillings, generally speaking, are for you. They’re used in almost all instances where metal fillings once were. Additionally, if you currently have metal fillings, in most cases you can have those metal fillings replaced by metal-free teeth fillings.

In addition to being less noticeable, and therefore more cosmetically pleasing, metal-free teeth fillings are also less conductive of heat and cold. They also take less time to harden than traditional fillings – so you’ll be out of the dental chair sooner!

If you need teeth fillings or if you wish to replace an existing metal filling, contact us today at 303-779-2797. A healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile is available today!