How to Take Care of Your Teeth When Suffering from the Flu

Getting Rid Of Bacteria In Your Mouth

Being taken down with the flu does not mean that you can stop taking care of your oral hygiene – quite on the contrary, if you suffer from the flu, you need to pay even more attention to dental hygiene, here is why and how:

  • Brush more often – when you cough or sneeze, you cover your mouth to prevent viruses and bacteria to get out, but you should not keep them in your mouth either, that’s why it is very important to pay even more attention to oral hygiene when you are ill.
  • Avoid sugar – sugar and carbs promote the proliferation of bacteria in the oral cavity and you need to prevent that if you already have the flu. If you have a cough and you take cough drops or a cough syrup, buy sugar-free varieties.
  • Drink plenty of water, unsweetened tea or freshly squeezed fruit juice – dry mouth promotes the appearance of cavities and becoming dehydrated can make your flu symptoms worse as well, so make sure you consume as much unsweetened liquid as possible. Chamomile and mint tea are the best, but if you don’t like them, you can have orange juice, apple juice or plain water as well. Seek the advice of a professional dentist Lone Tree area, that can help you determine a daily regiment to have a healthy vibrant smile.