Mary Lou

Get to Know Mary Lou Griffin, Front Office Coordinator

Mary Lou Headshot NEWMary Lou joined Willow Creek Dental in 2016 as our Front Office Coordinator, after spending over 20 years in Bookkeeping and Human Resources. A California native, she moved to Colorado in 1993 with her husband, Curt, of 27 years.

You have several years’ experience working in Bookkeeping and Human Resources. What brought you to Willow Creek Dental?
Most of my experience was in the retail industry – I worked for Albertsons and Target.  I was looking to get out of that industry and into something that did not require me to work holidays.  I was a patient here and loved the office and was very excited to hear they needed a front office person.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I love sitting up front and greeting all the patients as they walk in.  It is fun getting to know them all. It has also been fun getting to know everyone that works here – feels like home.

What has surprised you the most working at a dental office?
All the treats that everyone sends us.  Seems like we are always getting deliveries of cookies, candy, cupcakes, etc.

You are an avid volunteer. What organizations do you volunteer with? How often?
I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House twice a month cooking meals for the patients there.  Also, I do the Volunteers of America during the holidays delivering Baskets of Joy.  On occasion, I will get together with friends and make sack lunches and deliver them to the motel families on Colfax.

You and your husband have two children, a son and a daughter. Your daughter is a local golf pro—does she get it from you? What activities do you like to do?
I did play sports all through high school – volleyball, basketball, and softball.  But only played golf here and there as an adult.  My husband played golf recreationally as well and decided to take our daughter with him one day when she was 13 years old and that lead to her golf career. I do enjoy outdoor activities and I do a lot of walking with friends.  Mostly trails around the city.

What is something about yourself that would surprise people? 
I love roller coasters!! Cedar Rapids is on my bucket list.

What do you like to do in your downtime? 
Walks and shopping/dining with family/friends. I also love to go to the movies and just hang out with my husband and kids. My husband is a big hunter/fisherman and I will go with him and just walk trails while he is fishing.

Favorite Book:
Does Facebook count? I do not read books but love to go on Facebook.

Favorite Movie or TV Show:
Steel Magnolias – you get all the emotions and how can you not love crying one minute and then it turns into laughter. Such a beautiful movie about family and friendships.

Favorite Holiday Tradition:
Well, as stated above, I worked retail for over 20 years and therefore, I have never really had a lot of time to enjoy the holidays.  I am looking forward to the holidays for the first time in a long time and hopefully creating some new traditions.