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Is a Softer or Harder Bristle Toothbrush the Best Choice for You?

In most cases, the harder the bristles, the more efficient the brush. That’s what one might think when considering that harder bristles are better able to remove unwanted food particles and promote improved oral health. But is that always the case?   According to many dental specialists, hard bristle toothbrushes are only helpful to a […]

How Many Times Per Year Should You Get Dental X-Rays and Why?

There are a lot of possible reasons why you might want to get dental x-rays occasionally. Depending on what your dentist says and what your dental health is like, you might be looking at a period of more than 2-3 years between your dental x-rays, so it usually won’t be required all that often.   […]

How Can You Go About Keeping Your Teeth Safe This Halloween?

Keeping your teeth safe is extremely important during major holidays like Halloween and Christmas, when we generally tend to disregard the dentist’s warning and just have fun engaging in sizable meals and eating candy with our kids. Unfortunately, toothaches don’t have a holiday break, but dentists often do. So, it’s important to learn to keep […]

Are Sleep Apnea and Oral Health Related?

Do you fight with snoring and insomnia? You may want to call a sedation dentistry Highlands Ranch office for a confirmation that you suffer from apnea.  Sleep disturbances and snoring may be signs of obstructive sleep apnea, but so are some problems with oral health. Statistics show that 18 million Americans experience sleep apnea. This […]

Importance Of Talking With Your Kids About Dental Care

Just as in the case of adults, in children, dental hygiene is decisive for having beautiful and healthy teeth. The source of a beautiful smile is a thorough dental hygiene, started right from the first year of life. Problems related to oral health are among the most common in children, and the factors responsible for […]

Funny Jokes To Tell Your Dentist

The patient: – What? How can it be so expensive to extract a tooth? Just for 5 minutes of work? The dentist: – If you want, I’ll extract it in an hour!   A little boy, on the dentist`s chair. The dentist cleans his big cavity and asks him: “What do you want me to […]